De CLASSE - Classificação de Software Educacional Livre
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Hello, this looks very interesting. Free software is a big step towards autarchy (i.e. self-reliance) and independence from foreign brands (i.e. microsoft). I wonder to what extend international projects like debian-edu and edubuntu are related to your work?


Hi, thanks for contributing with this discussion. I see Free Software like a sound step towards freedom and self-reliance in general: freedom of speech and thinking; freedom of colaborating with anyone else by incrementing local technology and other related needs and so on. A priori I think this freedom would be dissassociated from "big technologic corporations" although this strategy have been used to justify some actions of Free Software community.

About our work, it is not related to specific projects. However, some of our goals is to investigate some solutions as edubuntu but we haven't conclusions at the moment. (Wagner S. Dantas - wagners at geness ufsc br, 14 MAR 2006)